Stable Mats

Horse stall mats

ARKMat have been designing and manufacturing rubber flooring for over the last decade.

Over the years, ARKMat has developed rubber mats for horses whose exclusive design and properties meet the specific requirements of the horse breeders’ modern facilities. These rubber mats for stables are long-lasting and recognized for their design quality and comfort.

One of the great benefits of the rubber flooring for horses is that it generates no dust and requires no special maintenance.

Your horses will get the best traction possible on our stable mats, ensuring their confidence and ease of movement.

Additional Benefits

More Comfort for your horse or pony is the most obvious benefit however there are many more.

The flat, non-slip, shock-absorbent surface (even when wet) provides better traction and ease of movement for your horses, thereby reducing the stress related to frequently moving around.

The use of rubber flooring for your horse will significantly reduce the number of falls and has been proven to practically eliminate serious injuries.

Being non-porous and made of 100% recycled rubber, stall mats are easy to clean and disinfect for a healthier and hygienic work and breeding environment.

Unlike concrete, asphalt, bare earth and wood shavings, rubber stable mats don’t absorb fluids thus preventing the development of unhealthy bacteria in your horses home.

Equine rubber flooring represents the perfect solution for :

Stalls & boxes
Horse walkways
Exercise areas & arenas
Hot walkers
Shower rooms