32mm Interlocking Supersoft Floor Mats | 1 x 1m

32mm Interlocking Supersoft Floor Mats | 1 x 1m
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Product Features

Improves hygiene

Easy to fit

Anti Fatigue

Reduces mucking out times- Spend more time riding

Save £ on bedding- which is getting more expensive

Protects against injury reduces occurrence of capped hocks

Reduces dust in stable- fewer respiratory disorders

Lightweight – easy to lift to clean underneath if required

Not affected by urine or disinfectants

Does not retain moisture & bacteria (like crumb rubber mats)

Non toxic non absorbent

Strong light and environmentally sound materials

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32mm Interlocking Supersoft Floor Mats | 1 x 1m - 1 Mat Quantity: 1 Mat £22.91
32mm Interlocking Supersoft Floor Mats | 1 x 1m - 2 Mats Quantity: 2 Mats £41.93
32mm Interlocking Supersoft Floor Mats | 1 x 1m - 3 Mats Quantity: 3 Mats £58.01
32mm Interlocking Supersoft Floor Mats | 1 x 1m - 4 Mats Quantity: 4 Mats £74.10


ARKMat Interlocking Stable Mat

ArkMat Supersoft is the highest quality product available for your stabling which will improve horse comfort and help you reduce the rising cost of bedding.
Each Mat is 1m x 1m x 32mm thick.
These new high quality EVA mats are designed and manufactured as stable mats.
They are not gym/garage mats which have been given a different application.
They are made to strictest quality standards with your horse/pony's comfort and safety in mind.

How you can save bedding costs:

If you currently using cheaper shavings @ £5.00 per bale using easimat mats can reduce your bedding from approximately 1.5 bales per week to 0.5. This is a £5.00 saving per week x 52 weeks = £260.00 per year. This means you will effectively pay for your mats in less than 18 months.
If you are spending more than £5.00 per bale, then you will get your money back even quicker. Plus you get the added benefits of providing the most comfortable, hygienic environment for your horse/pony.
They are made from the highest grade EVA (not cheap hard rubber) which makes for a more comfortable bed for your horse.
EVA is a foam material which cannot collapse or go hard has greater thermal insulation than the majority of rubber mats. It also means they are light approx. one fifth of the weight, so you will not break your back when lifting or moving, as you would with cheaper hard, heavy rubber mats.
ArkMat Supersoft mats have been manufactured with your horse in mind to provide a permanent soft and insulated floor so you can safely reduce bedding without compromising your horse’s comfort.
The density of ArkMat Supersoft EVA mats is such that it is very similar to natural grassland, and has a slight give when the horse is on the mat. The horse will feel more comfortable as it is similar to it's natural environment. As you know a happy and healthy horse means lower vet bills.
Top surface has anti slip tear shaped bubbles with raised disks on the bottom designed to aid drainage.
This is a higher quality product and your horse given the choice would always choose the ArkSupersoft range Mat 24mm thickness gives ultimate comfort.

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