In order to do this, you need the following:

- heavy-duty double-sided tape

- chalk

- sharp utility knife

- meter stick

- duct tape

- rubber rolls

- broom and mop

Make sure that the floor is ready to be worked on. Sweep up any excess dirt or dust because it could interfere with the adhesive. Any greases, excess moisture and oils have to be moped. Pay attention that the floor must be dried before the instalation. First of all you will have to lay down the rubber floor to rest after the shipment in order to flatten out.

The double-sided sealing tape will be applied around the inside of the perimeter and it must correspond to the length of the rubber floor. The release paper should not be removed. Rolls end will be placed along the wall, afterwards unroll the first piece. With a mallet and a wood block lay precisely the rubber floor.


- rubber exceedes the floor space – trim the excess length with a utility knife

- the mats lie lengthwise - mark the excess rubber with chalk – cut at the line so adiacent rolls are flush

In order to remove any bubbles or curls you will have to press firmly on the mats. Fold back the rubber at the width point so the tape becomes visible than remove the release paper and ease rubber back into place at the begining of the seam. It may create air pockets if you allow it to “flop” onto the tape. Press to adhere and continue this process for the remaining floor.

The adhesive begins to set after 60 minutes, after this time passe you have to roll the matting thoroughly with a 50- to 100- lb carpet roller in order to bond the rubber with the adhesive. This step has to be repeated after 75 minutes and then 90 minutes. You have to pay attention to: do not shift the roll while you use the carpet roller and rolling should be made widthwise and lengthwise.

Butt the mats up against adjacent or end-to-end mats in order to ensure tight joints without gasps. If gapping appears, you have to use masking, cellophane or packing tape to hold them together until the pieces are laid. Do not use duct tape because it may leave residue when removed.