Installation Guide

1: Build a support frame
A solid sub-floor needs to be used. This can be a solid surface such as a patio or concreted area or can be an area of compressed sand and stone. This surface must be completely flat.
A timber frame with suitable joists will need to be installed on top of this solid surface to allow the composite decking to be fixed direct over. All joists must be fixed in parallel regular lines at consistent spacing's of not more that 300-350mm 
The supporting base must be installed with a slight fall or slope leaning away from the property or retaining walls so water runs off the composite decking. This will also help minimize the water that collects under the decked area preventing flooding. 
It is important to ensure that a minimum gap of 10mm between the edge of the decking and the wall must be allowed to allow expansion of the boards.
2: Fixing Decking Boards to Joists
The boards can be affixed into position with countersunk decking screws by fixing both edges of each board to all supports at maximum 400mm centers. If this fixing method is used a 10mm gap between board sides and ends must be maintained in case of expansion of the boards. 
3: Edges, Trims & Finishing Touches
Once all boards have been fixed in place, any uneven edges and exposed joists should be finished by using our composite skirting & corner trims. 
Skirting boards & corner profiles should be either screwed or glued into place. All our composite decking and profiles are full bodied, meaning the color runs all the way through top to bottom. This allows sanding to remove damage or refine any uneven edge’s or corners. 
If you have any questions please feel free to call our helpful knowledgeable staff on 0161 633 0290 and they will be delighted to assist you.