8mm Thick Cork Topped EVA Floor Tiles

8mm Thick Cork Topped EVA Floor Tiles
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Perfect for Playroom flooring, office, Utility room, workstations, shed, commercial show use and retail


Packs of ArkMat EVA Cork Tiles. Each individual tile is 62 cm x 62 cm x 8mm

Product Type: EVA Cork with Foam

Product Details

Cork Interlocking foam tiles with interlocking borders. Each tile has anti-fatigue properties provided by the soft foam

Each EVA mat has 2 straight edges. The top surface of each tile has cork finish and the bottom is smooth foam.

The Cork isn't sealed normally once you have laid tiles to add a clear varnish to seal for additional protection.

These tiles are easy to use and can be laid as permanent flooring or temporary. They can be used for shows and exhibitions and then taken home with you when finished ready for re-use.

The tiles are easy to use and no special tools are required, simply interlock each tile and then use the straight edges to finish. Edges can be easily cut and shaped with a sharp Stanley Knife.

The tiles meet all CE regulations and have been tested for Compliance with European Standard on Safety of Toys EN71 (2005) +A6 Part 1 Physical & Mechanical EN71 (2005) Part 1 Labelling BS EN71 (2006) +A1 Part 2 Flammability BS EN71 (1995) +A1 +AC1 Part 3 Toxicity Suitable 3 years up

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