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ARKMat Artificial Grass

At ARKMat we offer a broad range of different quality and different pile height Artificial Grass.

All of our artificial grass that you can buy online are manufactured to the highest standards using the finest materials; all of our grasses have UV protection built into every blade, ensuring your lawn is protected against fading or discolouring over time.

It couldn’t be easier to buy our artificial grass. We accept paypal and all major credit cards and we deliver your grass straight from stock, meaning your renovation project can get underway in just a matter of days.

Take a look at our range above and you are guaranteed to find the perfect grass to suit your needs.

All of our grasses are lead and cadmium free making them child and pet friendly and they are so durable they will last for many years to come. Why switch to Artificial Grass?

No more mowing, no more maintenance, no more muddy paw or footprints and a consistent appearance all year round are just 4 reasons why its time to ditch the natural lawn and fake it instead.

About our range of Artificial Grass

At ARKMat we are looking to deveop a range of landscaping grasses suitable for all tastes and budgets.

There is a huge choice when it comes to artificial grass types. We start from 6mm Budget Artificial Grass and then offer a few options in each of a number of differing pile heights all the way up to a maximum of 40mm high.

Set Descending Direction

15 Item(s)