Interlocking Rubber Cubicle Mattresses

Interlocking Rubber Cubicle Mattresses
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Our rubber interlocking cow mattresses are 25mm thick and 6ft in length. We offer mats in either 3ft 9" or 4ft" width

The interlocking edges create a neat finish with no trip hazards and are easy to install.

Why buy rubber cow mattresses?

Cows can lie for up to 14 hours a day – the more comfortable the cubicle the longer the cows will lie. Cows produce 5 times more milk lying down in comparison to standing. Your yield will exponentially increase with a quality mattress system.

In addition to increasing the yield a dairy cow transfers 70% of her bodyweight to her front knees when lying down, and free falls for nearly 2 feet in order to lie down.

This is why an excellent cushioning surface is required to reduce impact on the cow’s knees.

These rubber mattresses provide an excellent cushioning effect, so that your cows are not falling onto the concrete.

Our prices are unbeatable, simply call us on 01392 209 394 for a quotation.

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